Labor Negotiations and Interest Arbitration Support


Labor contract settlements and interest arbitration awards can determine a government’s budget and operations for years to come. Often, arbitrators (and sometimes those at the bargaining table) do not fully understand how a municipality’s finances work and how various provisions – especially pension and retiree health care – will impact the government’s economic condition in both the short and the long term. We simplify and present complex financial data in ways that non-public finance professionals can understand.

We have testified as expert economic witnesses at over fifty interest arbitrations on behalf of states, counties, cities, townships, towns and boroughs. Our presentations include ability to pay, comparability, and proposal costing analysis. We can design tailored Excel-based costing models that estimate the cost of major compensation provisions so that all parties are aware of their impacts.

In addition to serving as expert economic witnesses, our professionals have also spoken on financial analysis for public sector labor relations at national and local conferences and have published articles on the topic. We also conducted a basic municipal finance seminar for interest arbitrators through the American Arbitration Association. Having served as attorneys, government officials and economic experts, we understand municipal finance and public sector labor relations holistically.

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