Workforce Costing


Whether as part of collective bargaining, interest arbitration or operational reviews, The Kapoor Company conducts costing analyses of governments’ workforces.  We have evaluated bargaining proposals, analyzed overtime causes, and assessed consolidation and outsourcing scenarios.  We can design customized Excel-based costing models for bargaining that allow users to see the overall cost impact of multiple proposals.

Having served as public sector labor attorneys and as expert economic witnesses, we understand public sector compensation.  Our strength in this area lies in knowing how provisions in bargaining agreements interrelate so that we can provide a true cost estimate over a multi-year period.  For example, a change in an employee’s base wage could impact a variety of other compensation elements including overtime, longevity, shift differential, holiday pay, education allowance, leave payout and others.  Our compensation analysis accounts for these relationships and thus provides a better picture of the cost to all involved.

As part of every project, we also look for ways that governments can save money with minimal impact on their employees.  For example, as part of our labor negotiations and interest arbitration projects, we encourage governments to look for health care plan designs which may provide similar benefits at lower cost.  Because we are independent, our only obligation is to our client.

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