Since 2008, The Kapoor Company has provided governments with objective, straightforward advice that solves workforce problems, improves services and saves money. Having served governments as managers, attorneys and now as independent advisors, we understand the unique challenges they face and the critical role that they play in their citizens’ lives. We believe in the high calling of public service and look for clients who are willing to take the steps necessary to make themselves the most effective at what they do.

As former attorneys and government officials, we have advised Fortune 100 companies, states, counties, municipalities, nonprofits and small businesses on a host of sensitive and complicated matters. Vijay Kapoor has mediated two nationally recognized pension consensus agreements among cities and their public safety unions that preserved benefits while stabilizing pension funds. He also served in the administration of Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell as the Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Management and Productivity. In this role, he led statewide and agency-specific cost savings and operational improvement projects at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Kapoor Company specializes in workforce-related matters. Our specific services include:

We believe that these difficult issues must be addressed by realizing that governments and their workforces need each other. Governments need their employees to provide the services that their citizens fund and expect. Public employees need their governmental employers to provide them a fair compensation package. No one benefits from a fiscally distressed municipality, a seriously underfunded pension fund, or a demoralized workforce. While not easy, we have mediated agreements with governments and employee organizations that stabilized finances and maintained very competitive compensation packages.

We focus on the numbers and take into account how changes impact employees and retirees. We know that our credibility is paramount and work to gain the trust of all of those involved. We are under no illusions as to the difficulties these problems present, but we are convinced that they must be addressed or else the eventual outcome will be much worse for all involved.

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Note: The Kapoor Company does not provide legal, actuarial, investment or advice related to bond transactions. We are not a “municipal advisor” as defined by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).